Video is the marketing tool that gives the best results. Therefore, using video is becoming an increasingly integral part of a marketing strategy. Because the measure of a winning marketing strategy is a growing customer base, you need to make sure that you create an engaging video production to ensure audience interaction and retention.

Elements of a successful video production strategy

Not all video is created equal. Everyone is taking advantage of this fruitful new marketing tool, so you need to be extra aware of the types of videos you put out into the cybersphere. Therefore, you need to work with a marketing agency to come up with the right video production strategy. The most successful strategy being the one that will help you get out your message, create brand awareness, and inspire your audience to action.

Engaging video production

You can draw in your audience with a well-told story for your video production.

Tell a great story

Every marketing video needs a purpose. Never release a video just for the sake of releasing a video. If you don’t have an end goal for your video, the results will be just as aimless. Your video needs to always ask something of your audience, whether directly or indirectly. You could literally ask your customers to do something, such as posting photos to get a discount or starting a movement or #trend. However, a video could also subliminally ask for customer loyalty by appealing to their emotions and their lifestyle. Your video should first and foremost tell a great story.

Relate to your customers

Telling a great story that will appeal to your target audience requires research. Hitting the right tone and the style is important and will vary from customer to customer. Working with a video marketing agency will give you access to big data and research on your customer, as well as help you produce the best video to engage your audience.

Get ready to interact

If you’re asking your audience to engage, you have to be ready to engage with them. Creating a video isn’t enough; you need to be active right alongside your audience. Once customers begin to react to your video, you need to be standing by to respond, engage, and nurture the conversation. Therefore, you need to be an active audience member yourself, and in return, you will help create a sense of community and further the notion that you are all having a shared experience. Hopefully, this shared experience will be worth sharing, resulting in a growing community and increased customer engagement.

Video Production

Turn bloopers into marketing gold by building a more personal relationship between you and your customer.

Tease your video

Treat your video like a summer blockbuster or an Oscar contender and promote it to your audience. Tease the release of a video, especially if it introduces a new product that you are excited about. Allow your customers to be a part of every step by sharing features such as behind the scenes footage and teasers about the upcoming video and product or promotion. You can even post bloopers to help build a more personal relationship between you and your audience. Get your audience warmed up and hyped before releasing the full video.

Appeal to their emotions

Most important in any video production is evoking an emotional response in your customers. Emotions are what’s going to drive them to spend money on your product. Telling a compelling story using relatable images will help capture the hearts of your audience. Engaging video production is about appealing to your customer’s humanity, humor, and heart. As a matter of fact, incorporating those three elements while still staying true to your brand yields marketing gold.

Video marketing agency

Garlic Media is where video meets marketing. We’ll create a complete marketing strategy with engaging video productions targeted to your audience. Talk to us about your company and your goals, and we’ll make sure that you reach the right people at the right time in the right place with the right message.

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