Video marketing is quickly becoming a dominant force online. Sure, there are still people who would rather read the book than watch the movie – or, at least, there are still people who tell you that they would rather read the book. However, the majority of your audience would rather have their information given to them in video form, rather than reading. If you don’t have a video marketing strategy in place, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to reach and draw in your target audience.

Creating a video marketing strategy

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The rise of video marketing

Just when you’ve gotten the hang of creating engaging content in 140 characters or less, the rules have been changed. Marketing strategies are constantly evolving and if you want to succeed you have to be able to adapt. That means that every marketing strategy is always evolving. The best strategies are able to change and grow with the current trends. Marketing trends, much like gender and sexuality, are fluid. So, start turning those 140-character gems into engaging and authentic videos.

Video is more transparent

Your audience wants transparency from the companies that they use. They want to make sure that your company culture and your larger mission is in line with their lifestyles and beliefs. It’s not enough to like your product, your audience wants to get to know your company personally before they will throw you their support. Video is a transparent medium. Furthermore, it’s the closest you’ll get to being able to let every customer into your company. Video will allow you to open up the doors to your company, look your customer in the eye, and show them exactly who you are and what you stand for. With video marketing, there are few places to hide, and it’s the most honest and transparent method of marketing your company values.

Video builds trust

How to use video marketing

You’ll never get the true GoPro experience without video marketing
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Without video, all you are doing is telling your customers about your product. However, since kindergarten, we’ve all learned that show and tell is a much more effective way of conveying a message. Plus, if you need to give “how to” instructions, being able to show your audience is much more effective than written instruction. Think about it: if you’re looking to cut your own hair, would you rather read how to do it, or do you want to see someone do it with detailed, step-by-step instructions? Personally, we’d rather watch the video. Not only are you sure to better understand each step. However, if the person in the video is willing to cut their hair as they’re talking to you, we are more likely to put our trust – and our hair – in their hands.

Live video

No matter who your target audience is – whether it’s the teens, parents, business people, or your grandparents – they are going to have a short attention span. If they reach out to you, if they ask questions, or even if they’re just talking amongst themselves about your product, you want to get in on the action as soon as possible. Live video is a great marketing tool for giving your customers instant feedback. Plus, you are letting them know that you are listening, and you value their input, questions, and feedback. Use video to do a live Q&A session. Maybe you can even do an “impromptu” focus group with your audience if you have just released a product or you are in the process of developing something new. Live video will engage your audience so that they become active customers, not static.

Creating a video marketing strategyVideo marketing strategy and implementation

At Garlic Media, we know how to create, produce, and implement your video marketing strategy. The reason we put “impromptu” in quotes above is because every move you make needs to be in sync with your strategy. You never want to do something without making sure it is going to give you results. How you implement your video marketing strategy is going to determine its effectiveness, so be strategic in your video marketing choices. 

Talk to us about your company, and we’ll help you find the best video marketing strategy for your company.

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