At Garlic Media Group, we have spent the past several days asking ourselves “how can we help businesses through this?” Right now, we are all coming to grips with the changes to our everyday lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

There are a multitude of ways we can help others and ourselves, so we decided to create a list to help begin creating innovation and leadership in times of crisis. Be sure to watch the video below for a special message from Garlic Media Group CEO Will Feldman.

Find ways to innovate in times of difficulty

  1. Sponsor a school or medical center to get cleaned and/or sanitized. Take it one step further and hire someone from the service industry who is out of a job to do the cleaning!
  2. How can you collaborate with someone in your industry, or even a competitor, to keep your staff employed?
  3. Keep employees connected to their co-workers and the company through video messages – live stream a team meeting, or send a message of encouragement or information about what the company is doing to adapt. Communication is essential during stressful times and can help ease anxiety.
  4. Start your team working on a new project or innovation there hasn’t been time to implement prior to this. This is a terrific time to be thinking outside the box about how your company can serve its employees and clients better!
  5. Buy a gift card from a local restaurant you frequent or place a take-out order. Better yet, do both!
  6. Host a company “town hall” with a livestream.
  7. Fund payment for your staff to take online classes and learn something new.
  8. Leverage social media channels to communicate with your stakeholders – in a time of crisis it is imperative to keep information flowing. And be creative with this – mix up how you deliver the message through written content, infographics or video. (PS be sure to be consistent with your messaging and as reassuring as possible).
  9. Put plans in place now for when we come out of this crisis (because we will!) so you and your team can hit the ground running once we are back to normal. Develop content, promotions, video content and graphics that can be deployed to promote it’s business as usual!
  10. Call and check on fellow business colleagues – a quick word of encouragement, or even a moment of commiseration can make a big difference.
  11. Develop training videos not only for the adaptations that are being made right now, but for those that will help employees be more efficient and productive upon their return to work.
  12. Have your staff gather non-perishable food items for a homeless shelter or food bank. Helping others during a time of crisis can alleviate feelings of helplessness.
  13. Pack up some goody bags for medical staff at hospitals – snacks, toiletries and a sweet or two will go a long way to recognize them for their hard work.

The Garlic Media Group team have a lot of ideas and would love to collaborate with you to find innovation and leadership in times of crisis that can propel your company through this difficult time. Give us a call – we’d love to talk!

You can reach our Founder & CEO Will Feldman at or call 720-592-0903.

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