Today there is an almost unlimited amount of products and brands to choose from. New trends show that digital video is winning when it comes to helping consumers decide where to shop, which products to purchase, and even what brands to pick.

However, digital video is useful in more ways than one. Video has become a shopping muse of sorts, acting as the guiding light where consumers come for inspiration. An astonishing 80% of shoppers admit to watching things such as YouTube videos to jumpstart their shopping process.

So what does this mean for smaller company start-ups?

It means that in a digital world, brands have a unique opportunity to influence potential customers long before they add items into their digital cart. And believe it or not, adding a video package to aid in the success of your growing company is not out of reach.   

Following are the latest digital video shopping trends.

Shop With Me

Watching “Shop With Me” videos is created to make you feel like you are shopping with your “friend.” Friend being someone you don’t know and merely admire from afar- online. However, you get to follow people around to the stores they frequent and get to watch them pick out stuff. But it doesn’t just end there. Sometimes groceries, home decor, and beauty tips are featured.


Haul videos showcase the aftermath of the shopping trip. They are quite popular, however not new. What makes them so enjoyable to watch? Well, they give people the opportunity to see what “real people,” are buying. You can also see people interact with products you may want to try out yourself. It’s more organic than having a celebrity endorse a product that may or may not work for you- as a viewer, you get to see the merchandise before you buy it. The popularity of these videos increases during the holiday season as consumers are looking for inspiration for their shopping lists.

First Impressions

First impression videos are widely based off of consumers testing new products or brands. They are authentic product reviews that help shape opinions on products you may have your eyes on. Common items tested are makeup, skincare products, shoes, electronics, and even clothing. It’s a great way to sell a product as you can get as detailed as you want.  

Your start-up can benefit from video marketing too!

Here at Garlic Media Group where video production meets marketing, our experts will shoot, edit, and produce the perfect videos for your company’s brand. We are up-to-date on all of the top trends and wholeheartedly believe that the success of all future business lies in video marketing.

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