Your company’s brand identity is its essence. It is how people see you brand in the world, how it’s perceived and the way it makes them feel. However, people don’t always believe the identity of the brand you’re selling them so reaching out to relevant influencers who will validate its identity is crucial.  

Here are a few tips to consider while working with brand influencers:


  • Influencers reflect your brand identity

Use a consistent voice and imagery across all of your content. Similarly, your brand’s influencers should do the same. Thus, when content about your brand circulates across media platforms, the identity should be clear and concise while its influencers should all have similar commonalities. As your company starts to mature, so will its image and the simplistic statement it once represented, will grow into interconnected circles tying together followers from various walks of life.       


  • Make sure to work with the right influencers

You can tell a lot about your company by the influencers it keeps so it’s critical to research the right candidates up front to maintain its sincerity. For example, if you’re launching a new delicious line of sugar-filled donuts, you most definitely don’t want to target influencers whose primary goal is healthy eating unless it’s aimed towards cheat days. Hence, you want your brand to run in the same circle as its backers.


  • Re-evaluate and monitor your influencers

If you are having brand identity issues, re-evaluate your influencers to make sure they overlap with your current customer base and their values. Additionally, monitor them to ensure they are following FTC laws and your brand guidelines. However, a focused campaign will help your brand gain momentum, especially if your product is specific to one thing. Thus your association with a niche set of influencers will spread your brand to targeted audiences like wildfire solidifying its legitimacy.     


  • Make sure the influencers have what they need

Your influencers must understand your services and goals to promote them better. Giving them exactly what they need to support you will aid them in creating promotional content that feels authentic to its identity.


  • Know your budget

It’s important to know your budget and the vale of your content. Because it is a new company, influencers will attempt to charge outrageous amounts of cash to promote your brand.

Influencers will make your brand real so don’t hesitate to ask them to highlight specific things as well. For example, how your product makes them feel, how it solves their problem, or how it’s personalized to fit their needs. These little details shape the consumer’s relationship with your brand and help it gain notary that will last well into the future!

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