Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way startups roll out, and Garlic Media Group is ready to brand your company to succeed in this ever-evolving world of technological advancements.

With the constant changes that keep marketing agencies on their toes, our team of experts tediously track all industry trends, and this my friends, includes the unmatched technology driving blockchain.

Does your startup need help?

In today’s fast-paced society, entrepreneurs are racing to be first in the market with their ideas- This can often be a bad thing. You may find your start-up initially has a steady success rate, but with more companies riding your coattails and jumping into the same industry behind you, you will undoubtedly have more competition. Unfortunately, those followers will have learned from your mistakes and build a better brand while using modern-day advancements such as blockchain, to their advantage.

Taking the necessary time to brand and grow your company in today’s market is of utmost importance and demands a particular finesse. As blockchain technology is gaining momentum with big named companies, smaller startups are discovering its potential benefits for long-term success. Specifically, through its transparency, security, and the privacy it provides.

We can tell you confidently blockchain is here to stay.

In general, consumers see blockchain as mere speculation but what they don’t know is that business giants such as JP Morgan and IBM are already implementing this technology into their companies. Smart right? Sure, this generation of users may not quite understand what it even does, but you better believe the next generation of users will. So much so that potential customers won’t want to put their trust in a company who is not protected by the unhackable security that comes with blockchain technology. And yes, I said unhackable.

Here is a simple breakdown:

The blockchain is similar to what a notary does. It creates a digital ledger of all activities, and the transaction is unchangeable. The Information stored can be rewritten, however, only by adding a new block to the sequence which must match its previous one with the exception of the new change. This creates a clear trail of activity that is easy and transparent to see. However, every company name or transaction is assigned a unique key code to set it apart from others and give privacy.

Cryptography is set up to make these ledgers impossible to hack. Transactions are not stored in any one location but remain held in redundancy throughout hundreds of thousands of places. In short, to be breached, one must break into thousands of computers to gain access to your information as opposed to one giant supercomputer or central location used by most companies today.

So how can this help build your brand?

The important thing you should know when building your brand is to create a company that promotes quality, safety, and trust. You must have a legitimate brand to achieve higher sales down the road so putting in the extra time, money, and effort to do it right the first time is essential. And that means looking into future predictions of the industry and implementing revolutionary advancements such as blockchain, which will benefit your brand in the long run.

If you look around you will notice a lot of companies trying to launch today have logos and brand guidelines that just don’t match with any trusted national brands. Consumers are skeptical. However, had these startups taken the time to research and build their brand by pulling familiar aspects of brands people trust they may have had a much higher adoption. Incorporating a consistent message, consistent look, and a thought-out strategy that the public will latch on to will help you to soar beyond your competitors.

We can help!

Garlic Media Group is equipped with the right resources to help build a lasting brand and will assure your company stands the test of time.

“We are leveraging our experience from Hollywood and working with national brands and bringing it to blockchain so the typical consumer can understand and trust the brands they will soon utilize and depend on.” Will Feldman, Founder of Garlic Media Group, said.

For companies trying to launch, there is no better choice then Garlic Media Group. We are research and creativity focused. We are brand building leaders with a rich entrepreneurial history. We want to bring Denver to the forefront of blockchain technology. Make sure your company not only stands up with big named brands but rises far above them.

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