Google’s core search ranking algorithm is ingenious. Consumers have a ton of questions, and the world’s most used search engine has billions of answers, most of which are not relevant to their query.

This overload of information is why Google ranking system steps up to the plate. It sorts through the muddled mess of web pages to give users useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second using algorithms that analyze the best possible answers to the question. Understanding Google’s core values can significantly increase your company’s search engine ranking and if followed correctly, can raise your conversion rates.

Google search algorithms work by:

  • Analyzing your words
  • Matching your search
  • Ranking useful pages
  • Considering context
  • Returning the best result

Google is consistently using specialized web crawlers to organize information from web pages in its search index. Because the internet offers a wider variety of data than ever thought possible, Google makes sure to show your customers a range of formats to give them the information they want, quickly.

If you want to rank higher on Google your website should.

  • Focus on the user
  • Empower website owners
  • Maximize access to information

If your page follows these general guidelines Google will find, index and rank your company’s website which will significantly increase your conversion rates. However, if you violate these rules, your site may be removed from the Google index entirely.

Here are the basic principles of optimizing your website:

  • Make pages primarily for users and not search engines.
  • Don’t be deceiptive to your users.
  • Avoid SEO tricks. Google will know!

Consider what makes your website stand out from others. What makes your site valuable, or engaging– focus on that.

To keep your conversion on track, avoid the following techniques:

  • Auto-generated content
  • Link schemes
  • No original content
  • Cloaking
  • Deceptive redirects
  • Hidden links and text
  • Doorway pages
  • Irrelevant keywords
  • Malicious behavior
  • Sending automated queries

To keep your company’s visibility on Google, you need to monitor your site for hacking and remove any and all leaked content asap. Additionally, preventing and eliminating user-generated spam will help keep your webpage in good standing with Google rankings.

Depending on the type of business you have, conversions are tracked based on when customers make purchases through your website, sign-up for a newsletter, fill out a survey or contact form, download an app, call the business phone number from a mobile phone, and more. The data recorded by conversion tracking provides you the ability to identify which areas of your site are working so you can optimize your keywords and ad text accordingly.

So to keep your companies rankings high and see better conversions on your site, it’s important to have organic, non-spammy content that is user focused and offers helpful, relevant content. It’s time to let Google work for your business, not against it.

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