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Social media is transforming the way we interact in our daily lives. From the news we read to the things we buy, Facebook is becoming increasingly central to our information diet. For a business to succeed in today’s media landscape, it needs to be ready to embrace the social media revolution and take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

As advertising conquers the digital realm, the importance of video cannot be overstated. When a consumer can see and hear a competitor’s product video, a mere written description extolling the benefits of your own product is sorely ineffective. For these reasons, we recommend businesses to invest in high quality video production that can be promoted on Facebook.

Where will consumers see Facebook video?

Facebook Video is a great example of an advertising opportunity created by social media. As people spend more time on their phones, Facebook accounts are becoming a primary source for information and connection. Facebook sponsored video content appears directly within a user’s newsfeed alongside personal curated content. This juxtaposition makes your advertising less intrusive and increases the likelihood that it will be liked and shared. When quality video content is marketed to a targeted audience, it has the potential to go viral among like minded people who are likely to support your brand as well. This strategy is a great way to increase visibility among targeted groups of individuals that, otherwise, would have been difficult and expensive to reach. Facebook’s unique ability to gear advertising towards small specific groups can be an explosive tool for building your brand.

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How has social media marketing changed? How has autoplay made it more effective?

Initially, many ads on social media were ignored and deemed ineffective. The proliferation of advertising on these platforms, combined with autoplay integration, has made people more receptive to messaging through these channels. Since 2016, Facebook sponsored video views have increased by 200% and there are no signs of slowing down. This trend is spectacular, especially considering the mighty decline in the efficiency of print advertising. To take advantage of this trend, we recommend developing immersive video content that is specially catered to your target audience. The more the video looks and feels like a post, the more likely they are to watch and share your material. Additionally, designing videos that capture the culture of your company, as well as the benefits of your products, can lead people to develop an increased commitment to your brand. Creating this relationship with consumers is the foundation of building a solid customer base that feels represented by your work.

At Garlic Media, we see firsthand how quickly the media and advertising landscapes are evolving. We work hard to stay up-to-date with the most effective methods of communicating your message to consumers. Utilizing a combination of social media and engaging video content, your message can spread rapidly among long time patrons and prospective customers alike. Using Facebook as a medium positions your brand in a personal and trusted space where it is much more likely to be internalized.

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