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With technology so easily available and the Internet filled with DIY tutorials, everyone fancies themselves an expert on video production. However, despite the most professional equipment, video production is an art. Just because you have professional editing software doesn’t mean that you understand what it takes to produce a quality video. At first glance, you may think that you’ll save time and money by doing it yourself, but despite all the best software and equipment, there are still big differences in quality between an amateur video production and a professional video production. When it comes to video production for your small business, work with a professional video production and marketing company.

Amateur vs. Professional video production

You can find plenty of DIY videos on how to shoot and edit your marketing video. However, most of those tutorials are generic and impersonal. What these DIY tutorials don’t teach you are all the little nuances that make for a great video production. Video production isn’t going to be cheap, so small business owners often look for ways to save money. Amateur video production is not the answer. When it comes to marketing, the return on investment on a professional video to further your brand and reach your audience is undeniable and worth every penny. Plus, if you’re an amateur, what you may think you save in cost, you will pay for in time. Amateur mistakes can be costly. Your marketing budget is much better spent working with a video production company from the beginning.

Editing your marketing video

The biggest difference between an amateur video production and a professional one is the editing. How you cut from frame to frame should help tell a story, create an experience, and help your audience get to know you. Your editing software won’t be able to tell you what shot to use, or how to best convey your message. That will come from experience, artistry, and an understanding of your audience and brand. Many amateurs will fall into the trap of either editing too much, or not editing enough.

Transitioning from scene to scene

Two words: Star Wipe! Using transitions to move from scene to scene is going to make your video look amateurish. Of course, there can be legitimate reasons to use filters and transitions, but more often than not, transitions are going to cheapen the production. Here’s a classic example from The Simpsons.

Video production for small businesses

Every small business should take advantage of video marketing. At Garlic, we understand that you have a limited marketing budget. We’ll help small businesses with powerful video production that fits their budget and brings great ROI.

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