By now, every business should understand the importance of using social media to market their brand. However, using social media isn’t just about being able to post your thoughts and share articles. Social media marketing is a well-thought out process that requires an understanding of business, marketing, and branding. So, as tempting as it may be to allow your teenagers to run your business’s social media, you have to be more strategic.

Hiring an effective social media manager

Your social media manager needs to understand marketing strategies and business.

Responsibilities of a social media manager

There’s great value in hiring a social media manager. Social media gives you instant access to your customers and allows you to control the conversation. Similarly, building an online community that promotes your brand gives your customers access to your company. Building a community requires a social media strategy that goes beyond content and customer service. Keeping the content relevant and on message is just the tip of the iceberg. The responsibilities of a social media manager are much more involved than just updating your Facebook status.

Social media marketing strategy

Your social media manager also has to be versed in social media marketing. It’s easy to think of social media as just being social with your customers, but a social media manager needs to be able to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as manage your online reputation. The content you create should always reflect your marketing strategy.

Experienced social media managers

Knowing when to use the right emoji isn’t enough for a social media manager.

Young adults may seem like an obvious choice to handle your company’s social media. After all, they seem to live in cyberspace so why not take advantage, right? However, to capitalize on your online reputation you have to hire an experienced social media manager. Hire someone who understands marketing and business, not just someone who knows the appropriate time to use the devil cat emoji. Hire someone who understands how to convert customers to action. Furthermore, you need to hire a person with maturity and poise – someone who understands how to act in the event of a PR crisis. A teenager won’t have the capacity to stay cool under pressure.

Full-service social media management

We understand business and digital marketing. We help small and multi-million dollar companies create a digital media marketing strategy that includes social media management. We’ll help you create a strategy that gives great ROI on our investment. We know how to reach the right people at the right time to help build an online reputation that will further your brand.

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