Using live video as a marketing tool

Make an instant connection

Make sure you have a game plan before utilizing live video options on social media.

Digital marketing trends are changing almost daily. That is why we at Garlic Media work with each client to come up with the most effective marketing strategy, often integrating every type of medium to get as much reach as possible. One marketing tool that is on the rise is the use of live video. Live video is revolutionizing the marketing industry.

Build a community with live video marketing

The most effective videos are the ones that make an instant connection with your audience. There’s no better way to reach out and touch someone than having real-time interactions. Live video gives you a chance to have a conversation with your target audience. The live video becomes a give and take conversation, rather than just talking at your audience. Using tools like Facebook and Instagram Live, you have an opportunity to be personable and exclusive. When something is live, you either have to be there, or you miss out, and no one likes to miss out.

Controlled spontaneity

Although using live video to promote your brand may seem like an impulsive and unstructured approach to reach your customers, there has to be a method to the madness. Just like stylists spend hours perfecting the “just rolled out of bed look,” marketing groups spend a lot of time strategizing over the best way to make a live video feel spontaneous and authentic.

How to use live video as a marketing tool

You always need a strategy to optimize live video marketing.

With live video comes a live audience. The more you can create a shared experience, the more people will join your community. A live audience is unpredictable. Without making a game plan before you go live, you may lose control of your audience and never get your message across. So, before you begin your live Web stream, make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the mission.

Where video meets marketing

At Garlic Media, we’re more than just a video production company. We work closely with each customer to understand the most effective way to capture your target’s attention and inspire them to act. Our philosophy has been to anticipate and create content to be utilized in a large variety of outlets. Garlic Media production is where video production meets marketing

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