Facebook Page vs. Website

Why would you spend precious marketing dollars on a business website when you can just build your brand on Facebook? After all, we measure the success of a good website based on how many times your content is shared on Facebook, right? So, why wouldn’t you just cut out the website all together and build a bad-ass Facebook presence and reaching your audience directly? Since we’re Denver’s best Web development and social media marketing team, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help you answer this question.

Using Facebook to grow your brand

Facebook give you instant access to the worlds largest network.

How much control are you willing to give up?

Since Facebook alone boasts more than 1.26 billion users, the opportunities for a building a brand solely on social media is tempting. Let’s face it (no pun intended): you can’t beat the costs. However, nothing is truly free. Whereas your Facebook lets you reach your audience where they live, you will have to give up a bit of control.

For a start-up that’s new on the scene and trying to build a unique Web presence, your own website will allow you to take complete control of your image and your brand. Facebook is owned by a third party, and you are bound by their terms of service. Being visually unique can play a big part in attracting and building an online community. Only your own website will give you the power to create an image and presence that is unique to your brand. When you have a page on Facebook, besides a unique cover photo and profile pic, everything is kind of homogenized.

Can you get your audience to click away from Facebook?

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A website gives you complete creative control!

Homogeny aside, the biggest upside to Facebook is directly connected to your target audience. From there, you have a direct line to their friends and their family. and to their friends and their family. Facebook is an instant connection to a never-ending network. Not to mention, by now, everyone knows how to use Facebook. Even your grandmother knows how to react, share, link, and comment on Facebook. It’s almost second nature at this point.

Getting people to click away from Facebook is one of the hardest digital nuts to crack. Your website has to have something very special to make people independently look for you online. The solution often goes back to our first point: control. With your own website, you are in control. You choose the layout, you choose the colors, the pictures, and the content. You can make sure that your site differentiates itself from the competition.

Have Denver’s best Web development team help your digital marketing strategy

Our advice: don’t sell yourself short. Growing your brand should be a coordinated effort between both Facebook and your own website. Our team will help you come up with a strategy for utilizing every medium available. We understand how to optimize your audience reach and create a digital marketing strategy that is right for your brand.

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