Understanding the impact of social media

Branding and social media

Understanding the impact of social media will help your marketing strategy.

If we’ve learned anything from the United Airlines PR blunder, it is that someone is always watching. Not only that, but someone is most likely also recording, live tweeting, and reporting your every move. Therefore, when it comes to your marketing strategy, you need to remember the wise words of Sting: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, (they’ll) be watching you!

One mistake can go viral

If the UA disaster had happened just ten years ago, we might have all heard about the United incident, but it wouldn’t have had the sonic boom impact that it had today. Because of social media and the ability to record and instantly share with millions of people worldwide, any commercial snafu will have an immediate reaction. Therefore, you should always be operating under the assumption that someone is watching. In the age of social media, there is nowhere to hide.

On the other hand, when you do good, when you make a positive impact or create an experience that is worth remembering, that, too, is going to go viral. It goes both ways.

Using social media to market your brand

How to avoid social media marketing mistakes

In the age of social media, your customers are watching you at all times.

The best marketing strategy aims to create a unique community for the audience. A place where they can share and express their views, and a place where you can share your insights and lead your community. However, you have to understand how social media can impact your brand. Every marketing strategy needs to be carefully crafted, choreographed, and implemented to account for the incredible impact, both positive and negative, that social media can have.

How to use social media to communicate

Because social media is instantaneous, the views and opinions of your customers are going to spread like wildfire. Whether their assessment of your company is fair or not is irrelevant. How you handle the immediate reactions of your customers, especially in trying times, is going to be the difference between a complete PR failure and quick recovery.

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