In the marketing frontier, creating an environment that is conducive to customer responsiveness is a challenge. While technology has enabled businesses to reach out to their prospective customers in a variety of new methods, the deluge of advertising the average consumer is exposed to has a desensitizing effect.

When was the last time you checked your spam mail folder? And how often do you even read the first business email you receive before reporting it as spam?

This reality of distrust in advertising makes it essential in the modern marketplace to generate content that is instantly engaging and interesting to your client base. Mere seconds can determine if your email marketing is viewed as a welcome bridge for communication or just another spam email.



There are key metrics proven to be helpful in tracking how successful your email marketing campaign is. Email Open Rates, Email Click Through Rates and Conversion Rates are the three most common ways of measuring the efficiency of any given email. Your Email Open Rate is the ratio of emails sent to emails opened. Perfecting this metric is the first step in developing an effective email marketing strategy. Factors such as, subject line, time of day, and having an individual sender as opposed to a business, all impact how likely a recipient is to read your message. On the opposite end of the process is your Conversion Rate. This metric measures the rate at which your target audience takes the step to become customers. This is influenced by the quality of your website’s landing pages, how credible your business’s online presence appears, and the user experience of your website. In the center of this system is the Email Click Through Rate. This metric was touted by the Direct Marketing Association as being the top performance indicator used to evaluate effectiveness. The Email Click Through Rate measures how many recipients click on a link within a marketing email. By focusing on improving this area, businesses will see their conversion rates soar and will achieve far more with fewer emails.

Look For The Moving Taxi.

New Age Content

When aiming to increase an Email Click Through Rate, it is especially important to have stimulating and immersive content that leads prospective clients to visit your website. It is no longer enough to hook a customer with just flashy images and appealing graphics. The marketing environment is rapidly transitioning to full multi-media experiences to capture consumer interests. In order to deliver this experience in the realm of email marketing, auto-playing video thumbnails are an amazing resource. The decision to read an email or to condemn it to spam, is made in the blink of an eye, and therefore delivering your content quickly is a top priority. By utilizing auto-playing thumbnails, you cut the amount of work the customer has to put into visiting your website by two folds. Every single click is a challenge when you are competing with a full inbox and Facebook posts. Displaying your most captivating content without requiring any user feedback, enables you to instantly engage your customer base.



Auto-playing video thumbnails are great for both marketing emails and newsletters. First, you select a 10-15 second section of your most enticing and intriguing content. From there, this content is converted to an animated gif file. This ensures your clip plays instantly and will loop without requiring any input from the recipient. Finally the video thumbnail is featured in an exciting, aesthetically pleasing, and targeted email campaign.

A huge combination of factors are responsible for the effectiveness of your email marketing. Paying close attention to the metrics described above will help you set marketing goals and measure your progress toward achieving them. Tools like auto-playing video thumbnails are essential in ensuring your advertising dollars are being used effectively and efficiently.

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