Strategic approach to digital marketing

Understanding your audience for digital marketing

Understand your target audience before posting content.

Every global conglomerate, brick and mortar operation, mom and pop store, and basement startup is focusing on digital marketing to get the message out about their brand and their products. Regarding dividing up your marketing, everyone is heavily focused on digital rather than traditional marketing. You have to be strategic in your approach to digital marketing so that you can gracefully sidestep potential landmines.

Digital Reach Optimization

The first thing you have to do is come up with a game plan. Work with your marketing production company to come up with a strategy for Digital Reach Optimization (DRO). Every strategy begins with understanding your target audience. Who is your customer? The more specific you can be in identifying who you are trying to reach, the better we can target your digital marketing on the right platforms in the right format with the right message to reach your customers.

“Strategy comes to conclusions on who we target, how we target, and where we target.”

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everybody. You can’t. If you try to be too populist in your approach, you’ll end up reaching no one.

Get help creating content

Never post content for content’s sake.

Understanding how your customer likes to receive content will help you develop a dynamic content strategy. Your content should build your brand and grow a community. You have to be relevant and unique. The mistake many companies make is thinking that any content is good content. An effective content strategy takes a village. The best strategies are born with the help of digital marketers, video production companies, advertising agencies, and more. It’s important that you develop a consistent voice that represents your brand, and that you hire the right people to be in charge of creating content.

Creating effective content

Our team can help you come up with a great content strategy to optimize your reach.

“The potential for customer service, building brand awareness, and supporting your fans and followers in brand evangelizing is amazing in today’s social world. YouTube is more popular than cable TV, Pinterest is growing more rapidly than any other social network, and Facebook sports more than 1.26 billion users!”

Understanding big data

Collecting data is one thing, but understanding how to use that data is another. If you want to improve on your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the data you are collecting. Align yourself with the right people who understand how to use big data to your advantage. The right people can help you identify the problem areas in your strategy, collect the data that speaks to that problem, and help you solve the problem.

Partner with a digital marketing team

When you partner with Garlic Media to optimize your digital marketing strategy, our actions are rooted in research, tracking, and analytics so that we can guide your company toward the most efficient use of marketing funds. Our team is constantly analyzing the behavior of your current and potential customers online so that we are able to identify gaps and improve their experience. While our team works with you on a daily basis, we continually reevaluate our strategies on a quarterly basis to ensure that our efforts are supporting your business goals.

We are problem solvers, and we are here for you.

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